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Hair Treatment & Styling

Mold and Hold Pomade
Heat Treatment Protection Spray
Mane Tame Anti-Frizz Cream
BioChemica Formulation Pomade
Ultra Black Hair Gel
Scalp Health and Hair Beauty Mask
Nourish and Soothe Conditioning Treatment for Hair and Scalp
Memory Magic Hair Spray featuring Luviset P.U.R.
High Gloss Hair Serum
Hair Gel
Hair Care Cream with Wild Mango Butter
Golden Reflect Highlighting Hair Mascara
Cool Epure Strong Hair Gel Fine Scarlet
55% VOC Strong Hold Hair Spray I
55% VOC Strong Hold Hair Spray II
55% VOC Strong Hold Hair Spray III
55% VOC Strong Hold Hair Spray IV
45% VOC Hair Spray
Hair Dyes Maintenance Pre Shampoo
Shine enhancement detangler leave on
Anti-dandruff treatment serum
Hair comb
Hair mask with Amazonian white clay
Hair dyes maintenance mask
Head spa Warming serum
Head Spa Warming spray
Curserein Frizz Control
Curserein Curl defining hair milk
Meristant 101L Relaxer
Meristant Hair Gliss Spray
Meristant Hair Polisher Serum

Meristant Hair Gloss Spray (Essential Ingredients)
Natural Hair Pomade (Floratech)
Defining Hair Pomade (BASF)
Jade-Kissed Pomade (BASF)


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