Natural and Free-From are the Newer Oral Care Norms

With consumers looking to make a shift towards more natural formulations that are effective and safe, the trend towards using botanical extracts in oral care in the US has risen to 46.9%  up from only 23% in 2017. Additionally, all-natural claims have risen to 61.5% in the same period.  In alignment with this, consumers are placing less importance in what is in their oral care products, and more in what is not, as reflected by increased claims such as toxin-free, which have reached 43% in 2019.


Whitening, Cavity Protection, and Breath Freshening are Staples. Consumers Today Desire Added Benefits and Attributes.

As people spend more time in transit, convenient packaging that is on-the-go and easy-to-use remains an untapped need worth thinking about. Consider this: In 2018 only 22% of oral care launches carried the ease of use claim, no doubt there’s plenty of room to innovate here!


Thinking beyond just easy-to-use, simplifying the oral hygiene routine, presents another market opportunity. Consumers want multifunctional products that offer a complete oral health routine in fewer steps and with fewer products. Take into consideration that 34% of US consumers feel that their mouth isn’t fully clean without using mouthwash. How does a hybrid toothpaste-mouthwash sound to deliver a smiley and fresh mouth in a single step?.


Furthermore, formulating an all-in-one solution that adds vitamins, minerals, calcium, or antioxidants to products that already deliver whitening, fresher breath and bacteria-killing can give consumers a holistic approach that takes care of not only the teeth but the mouth entirely.




Playing with Formats but Keeping it Mild

With approximately 50% of the population dealing with some tooth sensitivity, it is no surprise that consumers are looking for products that are milder. This includes less abrasive toothpaste, alcohol-free products, and more subtle flavors that are also safe to swallow. This creates an opportunity to introduce formats such as tablets, foams, and rinses that deliver optimal cleaning with less impact on the enamel, dentin, and gums than traditional toothpaste or strong mouthwashes. Products that are milder and also address diverse oral care concerns such as gum health, toothaches, and dry mouth are of increased interest by providing additional relief without increased irritation.


Aligning with a consumers lifestyle means providing mild, easy to use, on-the-go formats that are targeted to their direct oral care concerns. Using naturally derived ingredients in fun and effective formats, you can excite the consumer to not only swap out the current products in their routine for yours but start the conversation about what’s got them smiling so much.

Starting Point Formulations for Inspiration 



Products to Make you Smile


Andean Q Ultra 

It is 100% sustainable and biodegradable, a good foamer and co-emulsifier for organic or natural formulations, Non-GMO, Toxic-free, Agrochemical-free ingredients


Rheocare XGN 

GMO-free Xanthan Gum provides thickening, suspension, and crystal-clear formulations. It is easy to incorporate and has high electrolyte and ethanol tolerance.


Pluracare F 127 NF Prill 

Excellent Solubilizer for flavors and essential oils. Helps form clear mouthwashes with good taste. Also acts as a binder.


Luviskol K 30 Solution 

Ideal in water-based formulations where clarity is desired and provides improved mouthfeel and can also act as a binder.


Cremophor RH 40 

A non-ionic, low-foam solubilizer and emulsifier for ethereal oils, vitamins, and hydrophobic actives.


BioNatural Tropical Enzyme Lessonia Microzest Baja Yucca YD 50 Perlastan L30