There has long been a preoccupation with aging as it forces people to think about and ponder time. In Western cultures, the fascination with youth was tied to attractiveness and desirability that was perpetuated by media. This evolved into an unobtainable beauty standard that has been continuously modified to remove age and flaws, leaving a sense of inadequacy, especially amongst women and even young girls. The value of an item as it gets older appreciates generally, however, we do not look at humankind the same way, and for women especially we apply harsh criticisms that leave them feeling irrelevant.

Perpetuating stereotypes as people age and refusing to let individuals feel best at any age and condition does nothing but ostracize, instead we propose to bring out beauty by addressing concerns such as brittle and dry hair, issues with circulation, or loss of moisture.

Handle the Heat Treatment

Ef-Frizz-Less Shine Shampoo

Lava Lamp Warming Serum

Melo-Toning Night Cream

Overnight Slug Balm

As the socio-economic factors become of more importance in conversations around lifestyle and of course health and aging, we can work together to reframe the language around feeling one’s best without excluding due to age, social, cultural, or economic conditions. Embrace body positivity, wellness, and self-care trends rather than striving for an anti-age and perfectionist image that people feel exhausted with seeing as representation.