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Ashland provides a wide range of preservatives and multifunctional additives to the personal care industry. In the field of cosmetic preservation the brand euxyl® is one word for safe preservation. euxyl® products meet the requirements of our customers for the protection of material, environment and reliability. sensiva® is based on the ingredient ethylhexylglycerin and stands for multi-functionality and innovation for your products. Not only does It improve the skin feel of cosmetic formulations and reduces the tackiness, sensiva® acts as a booster, it increases the antimicrobial efficacy of preservatives. Ashland also provides the tried and true classic preservatives that delivere efficient antimicrobial power across a wide variety of personal care products including the following trade names: Germaben™ preservative, Germall™ preservative, Suttocide™ preservative, LiquaPar™ preservative and Rokonsal™.

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