1. C+ERAMIDE is manufactured from a starch extraction by-product.


  1. CLEANSCRUB 300 is manufactured from corn cob.
  2. BBR SA 130 has minimal CO2 and land use impact vs petro succinic acid. Produced within the circular bio economy.
  3. BBR GA 290 a pillar for upcycling and efficiency as it is also a multifunctional ingredient: preservative booster, anti-aging, anti-acne & peeling agent!
  4. BBR ST 005 natural alternative to mineral powders (Talc), better for the environment and the consumer. 

Combination (Corn & Wheat):

  1. BBR PO 370 Corn/wheat through a patented solvent free biotechnological process from glucose obtained from starch hydrolysis. Clean processing : maize/wheat => fermentation => hydrogenation => xylitol (no waste) Low carbon foot print obtained from glucose through a biotechnological process patented by Roquette.
  2. BBR PO 324 an easy way to create on-the-go, waterless cosmetics products!
  3. BBR PO 455 & PO 475 produced by hydrogenation of natural disaccharide maltose obtained from a specific enzymatic hydrolysis of native starch. They are used for their multifunctional properties, such as humectants, texturizers and palatability enhancers.
  4. BBR PO 500 novel microbiota-balancing active that provides immediate hydration to mouth, skin or hair, and acts as an anti-microbial agent.

        *Also check out BBR PO 070BBR PO 160, BBR PO 260 in this category.