This travel pack aims to lower the beauty industry’s environmental impact through innovative concepts that reduce packing waste, increase water conservation efforts, highlight portability, and demonstrate efficacy amongst novelty.

Featuring the following formulations:

Conserving conditioner bar


Conserve the health of your hair with this unconventional conditioner. This solid format also helps reduce resource use by conserving water both in the formulation and end-use application.

Face and Body Foaming Polish Powder

Clay-rifying mask bar


This clay mask slides over the skin surface when activated with water, due to the introduction of avocado and coconut oils to prevent over-stripping and remain less tightening than traditional clay masks.

Rock solid body lotion


Using this solid lotion won’t Hurt. Thoroughly rub along the skin Like a Rolling Stone for total skin Satisfaction! Packed with nourishing butters and oils, it prevents TEWL and introduces rich moisture to the skin.

Sudsy solid shampoo


The sensorial properties of this bar aid in comparable foaming properties to traditional shampoo, resulting in denser and creamier foam. Mango butter provides structure while counteracting the drying effects of surfactants.

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