Adding Color to a Dewy Skin Routine Line, is Stunningly Simple!

  1. As a base, try sticking with only a concealer or dewy compact. Look into this Radiance Cream for light coverage
  2. Beyond that: choose either contour, highlight, or blush. Only one!
  3. For lips, it’s not gloss. It glows.
  4. Finish off with a Dewy Setting powder, like this Set & Hydrate Powder – Citrus Splash

💡  Consider Dewy Duos to bring glass skin into a simple regimen product line launch! 🤌

High Points

Keep it Straight – Brows

The manicured un-manicured look of the #nomakeup trend carries through the brows, with straight lines instead of high arches and a slighter lighter tone than natural, hair is brushed up in a more subtle version of what is know state side as:

  • Brow Lamination
  • Brow Freeze
  • Brow Glaze
  • Soap Brows

The resulting look is slicked-up brows with a high-shine finish. The waxes and gels used to style these brows are often glossy to highlight the brow bone and high point on the face. Creating a hair & skin hybrid serum-styler would help to keep the lashes in place, while adding gloss and skin benefits in one application.

Apple a Day – Cheeks

Light Rosy colors, sometimes even peachy pinks are applied in a even milky apricots are applied to the fullest high point of the check when you smile. It is the part directly under your eyes and does not spread out toward ear.

Blended up to draw more attention to a plump youthful cheek and glowing eyes. The same color, a glossy yellowish white, or a shimmery pink shade can also be applied to the eyes lightly to bring rosiness beyond the cheeks.

Dew Not Forget the Lips

“Blooming Blossom” Lip Look

This is a trend of applying color to the center of lips and brush outwards, blurring and blotting the edges for a very soft-focus look. Differing from the ombre look of a few years ago this trend is a less defined more subtle look designed to deliver instant plumpness. It is advised to use a sebum control powder to remove oil around lips. Additionally, a subtle gloss is applied to the peaks, this is not a high gloss look. A Lip scrub, tint and oil combo would be the ideal product line for this look.

Perfect Pigments for Barely There Radiance

Rosé Tones

Build shades of pink for that subtle blush like a sparkling rosé wine!

Peach Tones

Create complementary peachy hues to warm and brighten the skin like a summer day!

Nude Tones

Create shades that could be considered second skin, and like wearing nothing at all!

Sheen & Radiance

Sheer radiance and soft texture to blur imperfections and reflect light for radiant reflection