Priorities have been shifted as we reshape our ‘new normal’ routines, and we re-evaluate our personal choices to change the narrative of our lives. 

As a symbol of new beginnings, water has the power to bring us into a new chapter of life, providing a fresh start and washing away the burden of the past. Water is a necessity of life, hydrating the body, restoring the mind, and calming the spirit. It delivers a sensorial experience of cooling temperatures, comforting surfaces, and creates the feeling of weightlessness. 

Distilled Autumn/Winter 2024 emulates the essence of water with calming colors, caring textures, and prismatic effects that bring an overall sense of serenity. Reflecting light, water puts on a visual performance that both stimulates and soothes as it glistens. The ability to relax and restore brings us closer to Youtopia (a state of mind, a state of growth, and a state of peace), stripping away the weight of life, so that we can see our pure selves more clearly and distill what truly fulfills us. 

💧 Water as its muse, elements of Distilled include:

  • Clear transformation
  • Liquified pearl
  • Prismatic renewal
  • Lucent reflection

Chione™ HD Crisp Gold
Flamenco® Ultra Silk
Iron Oxides
Titanium Dioxide

SunSHINE® Soft Beige
Gemtone® Moonstone
Iron Oxides
Titanium Dioxide

Gemtone® Tan Opal
Iron Oxides
Titanium Dioxide

Clear Transformation

Drift to the place where personal truths are revealed. With the clarity of water, we gain new perspectives to face new beginnings, gleaming with confidence that transforms.

Multifunctional Gloss – Iced Grey

A lightweight, transparent, holographic, and non-stick gloss formulation that enhances any look with just the right amount of extra effect wherever you need it.

Liquified Pearl

Water is the elixir of life. We submerge ourselves in water so that transformations begin. We find time to distill our thoughts so that we can find our core truths. 

Liquid Eyeshadow – Clean Mint

This clean, water-infused liquid-to-powder eyeshadow dries down to a smudge resistant finish with a unique opalescent effect.

Prismatic Renewal

A sense of ease washes over and a new spirit os born, glistening, and luminous. The inner self is renewed and ready to begin with clarity and purpose. 

Refreshing Serum – Blushing Mist

This serum provides a fresh and peachy wash of color to the skin while keeping it hydrated and nourished. Featured pigments include SunSHINE® Fancy Peach & Flamenco® Summit Orange.

Lucent Reflection

Clarity comes with light and time for self-reflection. Highlight a unique perspective through luminous contours and forms that translate your personality.

Jelly Highlighter – Violet Dew

This highlighter is infused with light-catching effects to create a diamond-like rainbow finish. Brighten the complexion with pure radiance that works on all skin tones.