Frizz-Off Conditioner

 Frizz-Off Conditioner Frizz-off Conditioner combines anti-frizz activity with a very light texture. Thanks to the properties of coconut oil, prized as a hair oil for thousands of years, Frizz-Off Conditioner repairs deeply the hair shaft reducing the tendency to frizz. Olivem® LV Flex is the main emulsifying system in this formulation, providing a very light [...]

2020-06-15T09:53:28-04:0015th June 2020|

 Nourishing Hair Mask

 Nourishing Hair Mask Nourishing Hair Mask is a rich, nourishing cream. It restores the hair’s barrier, repairing damage due to warmth and brushing. Olivem® 300 and Oliwax®, olive-derived ingredients, hydrate hair as well as act as a natural conditioner. Nourishing Hair Mask is brilliant for rejuvenating brittle dry damaged hair and giving it a healthy [...]

2021-02-25T16:06:09-05:0022nd June 2020|

8 Hour Cream

8 Hour Cream is formulated for normal to dry skin. This functional facial cream provides immediate and long-term hydration for an ultra-radiant complexion. It contains Sensolene® that is an immediate moisturizer able to maintain long-term level of hydration. Thanks to the presence of Olivem® 1000 and Eurol® BT your skin will be protected against environmental [...]

2019-06-06T07:23:36-04:0020th May 2019|

Antipollution Face Guard

Day by day, modern cities expose everyone to the challenge of pollution and toxic substances. Antipollution Face Guard protects your skin and gets you ready for urban smog and UV aggression. Titanium Dioxide helps to fight against UV radiations while Eurol® BT, a multifunctional botanically-derived active ingredient, moisturizes, soothes, and calm irritated skin. Finally, the [...]

2021-02-25T16:10:00-05:0020th May 2019|

AquaHydrating Serum

When winter conditions increase skin dryness, you need an extra support to maintain optimal cutaneous moisturizing levels. This light touch serum provides a skin treatment for an application in the morning before your usual daily cream. Olivem® LV Flex, a new emulsifier designed for hyper fluid formulations, makes AquaHydrating Serum a light skin treatment and [...]

2019-06-06T07:23:36-04:0020th May 2019|

Baby Soft Sunscreen SPF 30

    Baby your babe’s skin with this sunscreen made with olive oil derived ingredients. Olivem® 1000, Olivem® VS Feel and Sensolene® will maintain the skin of your baby well hydrated and moisturized. Eurol® BT helps to protect the skin against irritation and inflammation. It glides on smoothly for protection that is easy to apply. Safe for your little [...]

2020-06-10T09:53:26-04:0010th June 2020|

Baby Talc Cream

    Wrap your baby in nurturing, silky-softness with Baby Talc Cream soothing cream. Unlike common talcum powder, it is applied precisely to the desired area without swinging powder granules, which may settle in the lungs and cause breathing problems for the infant. It is also enriched with Eurol® BT and Chamomile Butter for healing and [...]

2020-06-10T11:29:47-04:0010th June 2020|

BB Secret Cream

Fresh sun protection plus anti-aging benefits! BB Secret Cream contains filters to protect the skin from sun damage. It is able to create a smooth and homogenous layer on the skin that hides imperfections, for a natural “soft focus” effect. Thanks to the presence of Olivem® 1000, skin moisture is restored. This unique formula contains [...]

2021-02-25T16:13:54-05:0020th May 2019|

Best Cream Ever

This refreshing gel-cream is right for people who want long-lasting hydration. It provides a burst of moisture, leaving skin refreshed, healthy and rejuvenated due to the benefits of ingredients like Olivem®1000, Sensolene ®, Sensolene® Care DD and Eurol®BT. The cooling gel-cream absorbs immediately, leaving skin feeling silky smooth and perfectly quenched with an olive leaf extract [...]

2020-03-19T15:40:00-04:0020th May 2019|

Cleansing Mousse

    This silky cleansing mousse is a rich blend of olive oil derivatives including Olivem® 460 and Olivem® 300 to gently and effectively cleanse and lift away make-up and impurities. It helps rebalance the skin and protect against environmental aggressors for skin that feels fresh and appears younger-looking. Cleansing Mousse produces foam when sprayed.     [...]

2020-06-11T10:12:46-04:0011th June 2020|
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