Anti-Redness Cameleon CC Cream

This Anti-Redness Cameleon CC Cream is the ultimate tinted anti-redness, multi-benefit corrector that conceals imperfections and protects the skin against UVA/UVB rays all-in-one super light foundation. Tagra's encapsulation technology allows to separate the UV filters from each other and from other ingredients, thus preventing any interactions that may contribute to photo-instability. By using Cameleon Caps [...]

2020-08-20T15:23:21-04:0020th August 2020|

Super Light Facial Tinted Sun Care Moisturizer

Super Light Facial Tinted Sun Care Moisturizer is a light weight, well absorbed, multinational day wear moisturizer that protects against UVA/UVB rays while unifying skin tone. The formulation features Cellu TitaCap and Cellu ZinoCap which enable high concentration of zinc oxide/mineral UV filters incorporation into the formula. These are mineral sunscreens, non nano and provide [...]

2020-08-20T15:22:50-04:0020th August 2020|

Tinted Lip Balm

A beautiful Tinted Lip Balm which contains CameleonCap encapsulated pigments that open new dimensions for formulators in designing unique shades. CameleonCaps break easily beneath fingertips upon application for dramatic and consistent colour transformation. They keep the pigments hidden within formulations, maintaining a bright white, clean appearance in emulsions, and a transparent visual in water gels.  Phase [...]

2020-12-09T12:59:26-05:0020th August 2020|

Ultimate Tone Up Boosting Moisturizer

This Ultimate Tone Up Boosting Moisturizer is a refreshing moisturizing system that features a special emulsion of droplets which are loaded with CelluCap C and Cameleon PtW. The cream provides an instant facial illuminating whitening effect while brightening the skin and reduce wrinkles. CelluCap C is incorporated into the formula for long-term anti-aging and whitening [...]

2020-08-20T15:24:01-04:0019th August 2020|
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