Clean Beauty is again one of those ambiguous terms in the personal care industry. It’s definition and what it comprises of are different to brands and consumers, and continues to morph throughout the years. A shift that has become more of the ethos, is towards a comprehensive conscious beauty approach. This means people are taking stock of not only what is safe for their bodies, but is also safe for the environment.

It is not about natural always, but when it is, sourcing is a big part of that conversation. It is also about science and the ways to derive more from less in safe and less intrusive manners. The clean part of clean beauty is a conscience free from guilt of turning the other cheek, when the power is in our hands to look to the future and preserve the youth, traditions, ethics and this planet we have indulged in. To practice stewardship and nurture these things is key in order to pass them along with careful and considerate compassion to those who inherit it all next.

Just as generations have stories told in circles across the globe, beauty brands determine the stories they tell in their ingredient selection and the innovation that is inspired from the right combination. Start your story with these pillars embodying preservation, people and the planet.

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