Calm and Care Antiperspirant Roll-On

Glide the calm and care antiperspirant roll-on every morning and let the natural emollient Olivem® 300 moisturize your skin. The alcohol-free formula keeps you dry, revived and refreshed.

Phase INCI Name [INN/USAN] (Other Information) Trade Name % Wt Function
A Water (Aqua) (deionized) up to 100 Volatile Carrier
Butylene Glycol 4.00 Humectant
Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters OLIVEM® 300 0.50 Emollient / Sebum Recovering Properties
PEG-150 Distearate HALLSTAR® PEG 6000 DS C 2.50 Thickener (Aqueous)
B Glyceryl Isostearate 2.50 Emulsifier
Isoceteth-20 3.00 Emulsifier
Dicaprylyl Ether 3.00 Emollient
C Aluminium Chlorohydrate 20.00 Active Ingredient
D Preservative a.n. Preservative


1 Heat the water of phase A to 65°C and then add the other phase A components;
2 Prepare phase B and warm it to 65°C;
3 Add phase B to phase A at 65°C, homogenizing using a suitable dispersion unit (e.g., Silverson, Ultra-Turrax®);
4 Cool phase AB to 40°C under gentle agitation;
5 Add phase C and phase D one by one and homogenize using the suitable dispersion unit.