This formulation highlights the use of novel ingredients such as Dehypon® GRA and Tinocat® CBS-X in order to drive improved performance. The formulation also uses the BASF optical effect portfolio to create extremely white clothing.


Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
Sodium Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate
Sulfopon® 1216G Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 5.41
Dehypon® GRA Mixed Hydroxy Ether 4.00
Sodium Carbonate 20.00
Hydrous Sodium Silicate 10.78
Sokalan® CP5 Gran Maleic/Acryic Copolymer 1.09
Trilon® M Granule SG Methylglycinediacetic acid 1.33
Sodium Percarbonate 20
Tinocat® TRS KB2 Manganese Complex with Organic Ligand 0.60
Tinopal® CBS-X Disteryl Biphenyl Derivative 0.22
Tinolux® BMC solid Sulfonated Tetrabenzo-tetraazoporphine derivative 0.04
Mannanase 0.50
Protease 0.40
Amylase 0.30

Formula No. 31158-1-5