This formulation also features HealthyPerfection Vitis Flower which is a natural active ingredient derived from red grape vine cells that provides moisturization to the epidermis layers and encourages a radiant, uniform complexion.

Tremel + HA is a 100% natural active ingredient extracted from the snow fungus, Tremella. It provides better hydration than hyaluronic acid and creates a better protective film on the skin due to its hydrophobic nature. It is easier to formulate with and does not induce a tightening effect on the skin.

How to Use: Avoiding the eye and lip area, apply an even layer to clean, dry face. Leave on for 15 minutes and remove with a damp wash cloth. Use 1-2 times per week.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
A Water Water (Aqua) 58.00
  Gluconolactone 10.00
  Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin 1.00
Sodium Hydroxide, 40% Solution Water (and) Sodium Hydroxide q.s.
  Bentonite 5.00
  Kaolin 7.00
  Glycerin 8.00
Rheocare® XGN Xanthan Gum 0.30
B Olivem® 1000 Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate 5.00
Dermalcare® LIA MB Isoamyl Laurate 3.00
C Healthy Perfection (Vitis Flower (S-Gly) Glycerin (and) Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Flower Cell Extract 1.00
Tremel+HA Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide 0.10
Covi-ox® T 70 C Tocopherol 0.30
Fragrance Fragrance (Perfume) q.s.
Iscaguard® PEHG Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin 1.00
Sodium Hydroxide, 40% Solution Water (and) Sodium Hydroxide q.s.

Procedure for Exfoliating PHA Mask

  1. Add Phase A ingredients one by one. Mix well. Adjust pH to 5.0 – 6.0 and heat to 70-75°C
  2. Premix Phase B and heat to 70-75°C. Slowly add to Phase A and homogenize until smooth. Slowly cool to 40°C
  3. Once cooled, add Phase C ingredients one by one mixing well. Adjust pH to 3.50 – 4.0


Appearance: light green opaque viscous emulsion
pH at 25°C: 3.5 – 4.0
Viscosity at 25°C (LVT Spindle T-F at 3 rpm; 1 minute): 140,000 – 145,000 cps