This hair mask is 100% natural with 55.3% being from vegetal sources, and 20.3% are upcycled ingredients.

The Microzest 50 Rhassoul absorbs fats without surfactants, while the Microzest 50 Ginger gives a spicy feeling and improves hair growth. The Microzest 25 Orange is made from the peels commonly discarded in the food industry and is used to smooth the hair. The Microzest 50 Oat is a colloidal oatmeal which is proven to soothe the skin it also acts as an emollient and nourishes damaged hair, great for hair and scalp claims in this hair mask. Lastly,  C+eramide provides the conditioning. 

Trade Name INCI Name %
Microzest 50 Rhassoul Moroccan lava clay 44.7
Microzest 50 Ginger Zingiber officinale root powder 25
Microzest 25 Orange Citrus aurantium dulcis peel powder 20
Microzest 50 OAT Avena sativa kernel meal 10
C+eramide Triticum vulgare (wheat) seed extract 0.3