Hydra Serum Roll-On

This light, fast-absorbing O/W deo roll-on offers consumers a unique sensorial experience of a hydrating serum under the arms.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A   Water 87.85
    Sodium Benzoate 0.50
  Plantapon® ACG 50 Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate 0.50
B   glycerin 3.00
  Rheocare® XGN Xanthan Gum 0.50
C Dehymuls® PGPH Potygtyceryt-2 Dipotyhydroxystearate 1.00
  Cetiol® CC Dicaprylyl Carbonate 1.00
D   Triethyl Citrate 5.00
    Fragrance 0.30
E   Citric Acid 0.35

 1. Mix the Ingredients of phase A.

 2. Mix the ingredients of phase B and add the premix to phase A while stirring, 

3. Mix the ingredients of phase C and add the premix to phase A/B while stirring

4. Add the ingredients of phase D one after another 10 phase A/B/C while stirring. 

5. Adjust the pH to 4. 7 – 5.1 by addition of phase E..

 6. Finally end the preparation by homogenizing.