Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A   Water/Aqua 83
B   Carrageen 2
C   Cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate 3.5
C   Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) germ oil 1.0
C   Crambe abyssinica seed oil 2.0
C   Butyrospermum paarkii (Shea butter) fruit 1.0
D   Fragrance 1.0
D   Lactobacillus and Cocos nucifera (Coconut) fruit extract 1.0
E   Hexylene glycol, fructose, glucose, sucrose, urea, dextrin, alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid 1.0
E   Capryl/ Cocamidopropyl betaine 2.0
F Healthy Shine Lilac Syringa vulgaris (Lilac) leaf cell extract and glycerin 0.5
    Vanilla planifolia aroma 4 drops

Procedure: 1. Put phase A in a vessel. Under stirring put slowly phase B in phase A. 2. When a gel is formed and is homogenous, heat it up to 65°C. 3. Heat phase Cup to 65°C. 4. When the two phases are at the same temperature, put the phase C into (A+B) under stirring. 5. Mix well for 15 min. 6. At 40°C, add phase D, then phase E and phase F. Cool up to25°C