Leaves cooling feel on skin after application. Algae-based Hydagen 558P leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Powder to Paste Cooling Mask Base

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A Hydagen 558P Algin 5.0

Eumulgin SG

Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate

Rice PO4 Natural Modified Rice Starch 94.0


Procedure for Base: Combine phase A and mix until uniform

Instructions for DIY Powder to Paste Mask:

  • 3 large scoops of Powder to Paste Cooling Mask Base
  • 1 small scoop of each desired active*
  • 3 droppers of water
  • Mix with brush + Apply + Rinse!

*Powder Ingredients to mix in mask:

Moringa Seed for Anti-pollution, Purisoft LS 9836

Flax Seed for Hydration, Oligolin BC10028

Candle Bush for Protection, DN-Age LS9827

Sweet Marjoram for Skin Firming, Dermagenist PW BC 10004