Sculpting Twist Butter is a pre-treatment designed to prep and protect your twists and braids.  A natural emulsifier, Emulgade® Verde 10 MS, is added to deliver a rich and creamy texture while Cetiol® SoftFeel, Cetiol® C5, and Myritol® 331 N helps to soften and nourish the hair. In addition, Dehyquart® Guar N provides enhanced conditioning benefits.  The combination of these ingredients help reduce breakage and alleviate stress from extended styles.

Phase Ingredients IncI name % by weight
  Water, demin. Aqua 72.10
  Lanette® O NA Cetearyl Alcohol 6.50
  Emulgade® Verde 10 MS Polyglyceryl-10 Stearate 2.50
  Emulgade® PL 16-18 Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside 1.00
  Cetiol® C 5 Coco-Caprylate 3.00
  Myritol® 331 N Cocoglycerides 3.00
  Cetiol® SoftFeel C12-18 Alkanoyl Glycerin/Sebacic Acid Copolymer 7.50
  Glycerin Glycerin 3.00
  Dehyquart® Guar N Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride 0.10
  Preservative [Preservative] 1.00
  Citric Acid (50% solution) Citric Acid q.s.
  Perfume Parfum 0.30
  1. Add Water in Phase A, begin heating to 70-75C.
  2. In a separate beaker, add Phase B ingredients. Mix and heat 70-75C.
  3. Combine Phase B to Phase A under homogenization until fully combined
    (for about 3 minutes).
  4. Premix Phase C ingredients. Add to main beaker at 55C. Mix until uniform.
  5. Cool to 45C. Add Phase D ingredients and mix until combined. Use Citric Acid (50% soln) to pH 5.