Shimmering Sunscreen Stick

This dewy shimmer stick delivers a moisturizing and slight bronzing effect with depths of dimension due to the Cloissone and Timica Pigments. Possessing an improved sensory application and after skin feel thanks to Floramac 10, derived from Macadamia Nuts, without concern of nut allergens.

How to use: Spread across face or body for a glistening effect, sheer coverage, light feel and full protection.

Item # Tradename INCI Formula %
1 HallBrite® BHB Butyloctyl Salicylate 4.00
2 Floramac 10 Ethyl Macadamiate 2.00
3   Hydrogenated Polyisobutene 71.00
4 Homosalate Homosalate  10.00
5 Octocrylene Octocrylene 7.00
6 Avobenzone Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 3.00
7 LIPOFRUCTYL® DP LS 9364 Prunus Domestica Extract 2.00
8 Covi-ox® T 70 C Tocopherol 0.50
9 Cloisonné® Orange 363C   0.30
10 Timica® Gold Sparkle 212P   0.20

Procedure for Shimmering Sunscreen Stick

  1. For ingredients 1-6, combine each ingredient and heat to 80-85°C mixing well. Cool to 80-75°C.
  2. For ingredients 7-10, add each ingredient one by one mixing well and maintaining 80-75°C. While still warm, add to container.



Formulation No. DWLA2303