This Solid Conditioner with Gold Clay is a highly concentrated formulation. It has gold clay in its composition, an active that is responsible for repairing hair cuticle, and emollients that present curl control and definition, in addition to having anti-frizz benefits. 

This formulation features the following ingredients:

  • Beraclay Gold: has a purifying, astringent, and remineralizing effect. It provides a lush appearance to the skin and helps to form a stable, long-lasting foam.
  • Pequi Oil: is rich in fatty acids and has proven efficacy to define curls and reduce frizz.
  • Tucumã Butter Refined: is an emollient that is rich in lauric acid and myristic acid, providing hydration with fast absorption by the skin. 
Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
A   Behentrimonium Methosulfate Up to 100%
  Cetyl Alcohol 15.00
  Cetearyl Alcohol 10.00
Tucumã Butter Refined Astrocaryum vulgare kernel
oil, Tocopherol
Pequi Oil Refined Caryocar brasiliense fruit oil,
Beraclay Gold Kaolin 6.00
D-Panthenol Panthenol 2.00
  Behenyl Trimethyl
Ammonium Chloride
  Tocopherol 1.00
B Fragrance   1.00

Procedure for Solid Conditioner with Gold Clay

  1. In the main beaker, add Phase A under stirring and heating until 80°C – 85°C.
  2. Add Phase B below 60°C under stirring.
  3. Pour into the mold around 50°C.

Solid Conditioner with Gold Clay

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Formulation No. CAP 095-0719