Prep your skin for the day with this Soothing Oil Serum!

This formulation features Beraca’s Beracare CBA (Cannabinoid Active System) which is based on a complex of natural oils, which have proven efficacy to decrease inflammatory activity and promote β-endorphin production. This system is a complex of Amazon oils with high levels of terpenes and unsaturated fatty acids – especially linoleic acid. It is an ingredient with wellness and de-stressing properties. It promotes various skin benefits such as calming, improved healing activity, and providing comfort as a whole. In addition, the product is a safe alternative to CBD, with the versatility of uses and applications in different cosmetic products.

Myritol® 312 is a triglyceride that is a traditional, medium-spreading emollient for modern cosmetic applications.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name % w/w
A Myritol® 312 Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Up to 100%
Beracare CBA Copaifera officinalis (Balsam copaíba) resin, Passiflora edulis seed oil 60.00
  Propylene Glycol Diheptanoate 10.00
  Squalane 1.00
Biochemica Vitamin E Natural Tocopherol 1.00


Procedure for Soothing Oil Serum

  1. In the main beaker, mix Phase A ingredients.
  2. Choose your packaging and then pour the serum.

Soothing Oil Serum


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Reference No. FAC 102-1019