Naturally Styled Concept – If you’re looking for a little more hold, we think you’re ready for this Strengthening Styling Jelly! The combination of Hydagen 558 P and Rheocare XGN provides medium hold and very viscious jelly-like texture. In addition, the formula features a low-molecular weight, micro protein to help strengthen hair fibers. Keep your hair in check with all day hold.

A highly micronized wheat-based protein active, Gluadin WLM Benz shows substantial depth penetration into the hair shaft, forming an excellent basis for effective repair, restructuring, and protection from within.

Sequence Trade Name INCI Name %
A   Water 65.10
  Hydagen 558 P Algin 1.00
  Rheocare® XGN Xanthan Gum 2.00
B   Water 25.00
    Calcium Sulfate 0.40
    Glycerin 4.00
C Gluadin® WLM Benz Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein 1.00
    Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate 1.50
D   Citric Acid (50% solution) q.s.

Procedure for Strengthening Styling Jelly

  1. Add Phase A ingredients slowly to water with high agitation. Mix until a homogeneous gel is formed.
  2. In Phase B, premix Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate and Glycerin. In a separate beaker, add premix to Water under homogenization.
  3. With high agitation, add Phase B to Phase A very slowly. Mix until uniform. *Note: Without sufficient mixing, clumping may occur.

Strengthening Styling Jelly

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Formula No:HB-US-20-36032-139