This day cream is the perfect start to the day! It nourishes while slightly bronzing the skin so that the face simply glows with health.

Phase Trade Name INCI Name %


Microzest 25 Lychee 6,0
Microzest 25 Rose 2,0
Microzest 25 Coconut 2,0
Titanium 0,5
 Aqueous Water 50,3
Glycerin 5,0
Butylen Glycol 8,0
Xanthan gum 0,5
 Oily Vegetal Squalane 11,7
Emollient 8,0
Tensio-Active 5,0
 Additives Preservative 0,5
Tocopherol Acetate 0,3
Fragrance 0,2


  1. Melt all oily phase ingredients together and heat the mixture to 75°.
  2. Mix together all of the powder phase ingredients.
  3. Blend the powder phase ingredients into the oily phase ingredients.
  4. Prepare the xanthan gel (phase B).
  5. Blend together all the aqueous phase ingredients.
  6. Heat the aqueous phase mixture to 75°C.
  7. Add the aqueous phase mixture to the oily phase mixture while stirring.
  8. Cool the emulsion to 30°C and mix in the additives.