This tooth powder is 100% natural, with 20% upcycled ingredients.  The micro zest 50 Green Clay delivers absorbent and purifying properties while the Microzest 50 Green Tea cleans the oral cavity, and delivers a mild pleasant taste. The Saponin+ is what delivers the foaming while the Microzest 25 Bamboo and 25 Gardenia Blue are what deliver the stain removal and whitening through abrasive and brightening effects. 


Trade Name INCI Name %
Microzest 50 Green Clay Illite 54.5
Microzest 50 Green Tea Camelia sinensis leaf 20
Saponin+ camellia oleifera seed extract 20
Microzest 25 Bamboo bambusa arundinacea stem extract 5
Microzest 25 Gardenia Blue Gardenia florida fruit extract 0.50