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Gelest develops and manufactures high performance cosmetic raw materials utilizing its expertise in silicon chemistry. Gelest’s Polydiethylsiloxane, also known as Diethicone, delivers significantly improved organic material compatibility and dramatically improved treated pigment dispersion capability while maintaining the desired feel of traditional Dimethicone. Diethicone is a good example of the kind of fluids developed and manufactured by Gelest for sunscreen, foundation, mascara and lip products. Gelest has also utilized its extensive experience in silane chemistry to produce unique treated inorganic pigments.

The Gelest Triethoxystearylsilane treated red, yellow and black iron oxides as well as talc and sericite are examples of how a truly unique slip with long term stability can be imparted to pigments suitable for the face and eye area. In addition to compounds offered on our website and in our brochures, Gelest maintains a custom development service to produce unique compounds to enable your technology. With R&D, Analytical, Pilot, Commercial and Warehousing operations in one location, Gelest can rapidly develop and scale new products to enable you to bring your technology to your customers quickly and reliably.

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