Changing the way you formulate can aid in consumer concerns for the products their purchasing and their impact on:


Waste Reduction

Single-use packaging and excessive plastic use are making consumers rethink the products they buy, this applies to pretty much everything from bottled water, to household items, and of course beauty products. With this, consumers want not only refillable packaging to reduce waste, but also eco-friendly packaging and new product formats that allow a shift in consumption habits. Because of this being innovative in formulations is key. Think for instance of products traditionally packaged in plastic bottles that can instead be put in reusable jars, like serums, shower gels or shampoos in jelly formats. Another format that lends itself to many applications and reusable or refillable packaging is balms. We can transform make-up removers, deodorants, exfoliators, sun care, and all-over hydration and protection products. Solidifying Lotion into bars allows packaging especially in portable sizes to be eliminated or reusable, and butters make formulating solid lotion easy! Creating powder soaps that are mixed with water at home and dispensed with a decorative home soap dispenser again reduces the waste of per unit packaging.


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