The discussions around intimate care and in particular women’s bodies have been largely of stigma and control. Many cultures are rooted in the thought that speaking of sexuality, reproductive health, and bodily function is immodest, and inadequate education and awareness substantially contribute to the veiled nature. Furthermore, because of the attitudes surrounding women and their rights, personal privacy has been a major hurdle for many seeking to address health or comfort concerns they may be facing.

Without proper knowledge and freedom from backlash, this topic has been met with reluctance even amongst peers when instead we should be fostering open dialogue and challenging outdated beliefs. The first step is to understand the need is here and the second is to make education easy and ongoing as the stages of women’s health are ever-changing.

Feminine Foam Wash

Balancing Intimate Oil

Soothing Ingrown Hair Treatment

Although these formulas were created with the female form and needs in mind, it is important to note that the ingredients included and concepts represented here are not limited to any gender. We invite you to explore more about each formula and discuss any question you may have about there applicability with us today!