New Safflower Seed Protein from Botaneco

Karmyn protein (INCI Proposed: Carmin (Carthamus Tinctorius) Protein) has natural protective qualities that help the skin and scalp to counter stressful and dry environmental conditions. It helps provide body and shine to the hair, enhancing stylability and manageability, especially in a low humidity environment, by smoothing down the hair fibers and delivering long term protective benefits. In addition, it mitigates harsh drying effects with frequently applied surfactants, as proven by a recent Body Wash formulation test.

Using a unique disassembly technique, Karmyn™ protein is extracted in its whole undamaged form without chemically or enzymatically modifying it, harnessing the proteins natural integrity to provide a promising, non-allergenic, plant-based, sustainable alternative to formulators and cosmetic scientists in the personal care industry.