As of today, over 145 million Americans have tattoos (source: earth web). For many, personal stories are represented and expressed through the art of tattooing. This permanent ink etches indispensable memories and special moments for people to hold on to. Throughout history, tattoos have been used to portray religious beliefs, depict one’s class and status, or just purely decorative. 

The decision to get a tattoo is not an easy one. Along with the costs and the discomfort, tattoos require great aftercare for a smoother healing process and also to limit the risk of infection. A daily skincare routine is important to protect tattooed skin and prevent ink from fading. Coconut oil contains many great fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins which provide excellent benefits to the skin and help prevent moisture loss. Other oils such as Tea Tree provide antibacterial and antiseptic properties to the skin while also treating dry skin.

Ingredient for Inked Skin:

Starting Point Formula: