One of the ways to add sustainability to your brand story is through:


Natural Ingredient Sourcing

Not only are consumers paying attention to what is safe for them to use, but also what is safe for the environment relative to mitigating depletion of resources. This is the reason for the increased importance of sustainable label claims such as palm-free, which tap into consumers’ rising awareness about environmental cycles for the growth of natural elements of this kind. Furthermore, Algae containing products are on the rise not only due to its breadth of benefits but also because of Algae’s abundance. Ingredients like coconuts, sugar, and corn are highly used because of their broad applicability, where more parts of the ingredient can be used! Take a look at some of our Ingredients in this category:


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Is palm-free not really in your value proposition? Take a look at our RSPO & Mass Balance certified products. Learn more about what the difference is between:


RSPO & Mass Balance

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