We’re pleased announce the addition of two Technical Sales Representatives to the Ross Organic sales team – Adriana Mezgova and Laura Farber.

Adriana has held various positions over the past 20 years in the Personal Care market, most recently at VMP Cosmetics where she was the Head of R&D, Product Development, and Technical Services. In addition, she has valuable work experience from her time at Cosmetic Group, Limited Brands (Bath & Body Works), Firmenich and Gattefossé. Adriana has a BS in Nursing from Stredna Zdravotnicka skola in the Slovak Republic. She’s also very active in the Cali SCC chapter, and is our Treasurer-Elect. In her spare time she enjoys visiting the beach with her family and going hiking.

Laura has over 10 years of sales and management experience and comes to us from TCR Industries where she was an Account Manager for the industrial and HI&I businesses for the past three years. Prior to TCR, Laura worked at Lincoln Fine Ingredients and BASF. She has a BS in Health Science from Belford University. Outside of work Laura enjoys gardening and cooking.

“We are confident that their skills, experience and work ethic will make a great impact at ROSS” said Darrell Zehner, Sales Director.

Please join us in welcoming Adriana and Laura!