Beracare Active Revitalization Body System is a natural complex that acts in the preservation of hydration and revitalization of the skin. We indicate the use of this raw material for the manufacture of various daily skin care products mainly aimed at regeneration, nutrition, and softness of the skin, for example, creams, lotions, soaps, oils, after sun lotions and cellulite creams.

One of the detrimental factors to the skin is dehydration. Some external factors may in dehydration of the skin, such as low atmospheric humidity, pollution, extreme temperatures and the use of abrasive skin products. The degree of loss of water depends on the intensity of exposure to those factors.

Dehydrated skin has a dry appearance, without firmness, elasticity or vigor. The use of cosmetic ingredients can prevent this loss by two mechanisms: forming an occlusive barrier to minimize evaporation and/or by moisturizing of the stratum corneum, the main barrier of the skin , via the water contained in cosmetic formulations.

Beraca’s Active Revitalization Body System is an exclusive complex that contains actives of açai, passion fruit, babaçu and rice bran oils that combine to provide the properties:

– Presence of bioactives: avonoids, lauric acid, omega 6 and gamma-oryzanol; – Promotes regeneration, nutrition, revitalization of the skin;
– Provides moisturizing benefits.

Regarding the hydration kinetics of the skin, the application of the moisturizer containing the Active Revitalization Body System active at 2.0% conferred significant hydration, when compared to the Control. Its application imparted an increase in skin hydration and kept the skin moisturized for at least 8 hours after application.