Beracare Active Revitalization Hair System is a natural complex with properties that promote intense glow, revitalization and capillary hydration. Its use is indicated in products such as shampoo, conditioner, capillary mask, boosters, leave- in and finishing oils, as well as other hair care formulations. It can be used as an alternative to silicone in promoting gloss and softness.

Chemical or mechanical traumas that alter the chemical structure of hair cause damage to the hair fiber related to strength, gloss, porosity, texture, color, among others. Products used in coloring, discoloration and straightening promote these changes in the structure of the hair fiber, raising the edges of the scales of the cuticle and modifying the chemical bonds responsible for fiber cohesion, this structural disorganization of the scales leaves the fiber vulnerable to external aggression, promoting the drying and making the touch rough.

As a consequence, the hair loses its gloss and frizz appears. Weakened to the extreme, the hair wears down and becomes brittle, affecting the cortex due to the disconnection of the cuticle.

The use of vegetable oils for hair treatment has several benefits. They are able to act on the fibers and directly on the scalp, bringing nourishment through liposoluble vitamins, and as well as moisturizing, emollient and lubricating properties to give a smooth, malleable and healthy appearance.

Based on the results of a conducted study, the treatment containing Beracare Active Revitalization Hair System promoted greater gloss, softness, and hydration when compared to Placebo.

Thus, being an active rich in omega-6 and avonoids, it is proven that the Beracare Active Revitalization Hair System is able to promote intense brightness and vitality, and revitalize the hair fiber.