Alpha-Ceramidein is a power-packed system to combat fine lines and wrinkles with L-lactic acid isolated from tomatoes and natural alpha-ceramides produced by cell culture. One-step answer to the problem of formulating clear AHA ceramide systems for advanced skin care. as it is a clear and colorless liquid, that is soluble in ethanol and water.

Alpha-hydroxy acids (Ahas) naturally occur substances isolated from a variety of sources, such as sour milk, sugar cane, tomatoes, and other fruit. They perform a number of functions at the level of the stratum corneum on the skin’s surface. Ceramide RW is a biologically engineered ceramide complex identical to human skin ceramides, and L (+) lactic acid is produced from hydroponically grown tomatoes, where total control over nutrients and root temperatures optimizes lactic acid content. The two are brought together to form ALPHA CERAMIDEIN.




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