Beracare Anti-Dandruff Active System is a natural complex with presence of beta-caryophyllene and selenium. It has anti-seborrheic action and anti-in ammatory activity, and can be used in products for dry or oily hair with dandruff propensity. We indicate its use in shampoo, conditioner, hair lotion, gels and tonics.

As dandruff has no definitive cure, according to scholars, it can be said that the most desirable property of an anti- dandruff shampoo is the removal and the suppression of dandruff recurrence until the next use of the product. Substances such as selenium sulfate, zinc pyrithione, corticosteroids, ketoconazole and octopirox have good results in the control of dandruff. Their focus is either the reduction of scalp oiliness or the control of fungus growth.

Beraca’s Anti-Dandruff Active System active is an exclusive complex that contains assets of Copaiba and Brazil nut oils that combine the following properties:

• Presence of bioactives: Beta-caryophyllene and selenium
• Anti-in ammatory activity
• Promotes balance of sebum production without drying the skin

The Beracare Anti-Dandruff Active System active was effective in decreasing the intensity and amount of dandruff when used at 2.0% in hair treatment, in addition to perceptibly reducing the scalp scaling due to its antiseborrheic action and its anti-in ammatory activity

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