Babacu Oil Refined: extracted from the fruit seed, is rich in lauric acid that, due to the low molecular weight, shows great compatibility with the hair fiber. It helps to restore hydration in regions where there has been a disruption of the peptide chain.

In addition, it has important emollient action being an alternative to coconut oil, also rich in lauric acid content. The babaçu oil is recommended for skin and hair care products.

The Orbignya oleifera Burret species, belonging to the Arecaceae family, is also known as Babaçu, a large palm tree found in the Cerrado region and can reach up to 20 meters high. The babaçu seed is oleaginous, containing about 65% oil, with great potential for economic use. The fruit consists of brownish, thin integument, which has numerous impressions caused by contact with the endocarp and abundant endosperm. The seed is elongated, with one side curved and the other straight. It is approximately 5 cm long and 1.3 cm wide in the middle region.

When ripe, the fruit breaks off and falls to the ground. The main commercial products extracted from babaçu are the oil, extracted from the seed which corresponds to 6% – 7% of the total weight of the fruit and biomass (resulting from the process).

See this ingredient in action in the Deep Conditioning Hair Mask formulation!

Applications for Babacu Oil Refined

  • Hair Care
  • Hair Styling
  • Skin Care

Babacu Oil Refined


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