Beauté by Roquette® PO 500: This unique extremely pure isosorbide solution is COSMOS Approved and prevents from bad breath (halitosis), biofilm formation, infections, and dental caries. It also acts as a strong humectant & moisturizing agent, providing a long-lasting skin or hair hydration. It has an ISO 16128 Natural Index of 1.


  • Color Cosmetics
  • Hair Care
  • Oral Care
  • Skin Care

Functional Properties

  • Actives and Active Enhancers
    • Moisturizer
    • Tooth Decay Prevention
  • Multifunctional Ingredients
    • Bacteriostatic Agent
    • Dry and Smooth Feel

Other Properties and Benefits

  • High water & alcohol solubility
  • High chemical stability even in alkaline conditions
  • High thermal stability
  • Non-cariogenic
  • Origin: Corn/Wheat starches, Readily biodegradable

Additionally, Take a look at how else you can formulate for the face in a mask wearing world with this anti-microbial agent.

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