Beauté by Roquette® ST 720 is a new plant-based water-soluble film-forming agent, acting as an effective barrier against atmospheric pollutants.

Produced from pea starch and specifically designed for cosmetics, it creates and leaves a flexible, smooth, breathable, and continuous barrier over the skin or hair allowing for Anti-pollutants barrier & protection claims in both applications. Additionally, the film allows long-lasting effects and prevents color transfer in the make-up application!


After application of Day Proof Foundation to half of the face and 4 hours of constant wear of mask. 

Beauté by Roquette® ST 720 – long-lasting potential due to film former property (Haircare / Make-up)


  • A water-soluble transparent film-forming agent
  • Effective barrier against atmospheric pollutants
  • Non-occlusive film
  • No transfer
  • Good skin adhesion
  • Smooth feel on the skin
  • Easily removable with soap and water
  • Efficient, easy & ready to use, cold water soluble
  • Alternative to synthetic polymers (PVP, PVA, silicon resins…) or modified cellulose
  • Curl retention, long-lasting styling, heat protection and now anti-frizz benefits



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