Beracare Anti-Acne Active System is a complex of oils with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing action. We indicate the use of this raw material in products such as gels, tonics, creams, lotions, soaps, sunscreens and makeup that aim at improving the health of compromised skin or oily, acneic skin.

Acne vulgaris is one of the most prevalent skin diseases. Affects about 80% of teenagers but may persist or start into adulthood. It is an inflammatory disease, pyoderma, that reaches the pilo-sebaceous complex (hair and sebaceous gland). Acne lesions are popularly known as blackheads and pimples, and most often appear in places that can not be hidden such as the face and are also quite common on the shoulders, back, and chest.

Acne should be treated from the start and can be controlled through proper skin cleansing, removing excessive oiliness and avoiding new bacterial infections. Numerous types of soaps, sanitizing and astringent lotions are now available on the market to treat acne skin. Especially based on sulfur and salicylic acid, they aim to combat excess oiliness of the skin, however, their continuous use can dry out the skin making it even more irritated and promoting the “rebound effect” stimulating even more sebum production.

The use of vegetable oils for the treatment of acne and its lesions is a great choice for functional cosmetics. In addition to proper cleaning, the vegetable oils can act on bacterial growth and healing of the lesions by keeping the skin hydrated and healthy and avoiding unwanted side effects

Beracare Anti-Acne Active System active is a complex that contains assets of copaiba, andiroba, and açai oils that combine the following properties:

• Reduction of inflammation
• Healing of acne lesions
• Promotes balance of sebum production without drying the skin • Combats bacterial growth