Beracare Cannabinoid Active System, Beracare CBA, is based on a complex of natural oils, which have proven efficacy to decrease inflammatory activity and promote β-endorphin production. This system is a complex of Amazon oils with high levels of terpenes and unsaturated fatty acids – especially linoleic acid. This important component relates to the increase of skin permeability, enhancing the ingredient’s activity.

The endocannabinoid system, which is composed of a lipid-signaling network that modulates neuronal and inflammatory functions, is mainly composed of CB1 and CB2 receptors. In particular, the CB2 receptor mediates immunomodulatory and inflammatory properties, being activated by endogenous (endocannabinoid) or exogenous (usually agonist) ligands. The Beracare CBA, composed mainly of β-caryophyllene, an exogenous phyto-cannabinoid, is able to modulate cellular signals to cause reduction of inflammation and improvements in skin healing.

Beracare CBA is an ingredient with wellness and de-stressing properties. It promotes various skin benefits such as calming, improved healing activity and providing comfort as a whole. In addition, the product is a safe alternative to CBD, with versatility of uses and applications in different cosmetic products such as tonics, lotions, gels, creams, soaps, etc.

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