Bio Behenic Active System has whitening activity, a result of the reduction of melanin synthesis, and anti-aging benefits, since it stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, natural polysaccharide present in human skin with high water retention capacity, giving elasticity and skin integrity. In addition, the active allows the density increase of the network of collagen fibers of the dermis. In this way, the ingredient has to arm effect, promoting deep hydration and the sensation of softness of the skin.

We indicate the use of this raw material for the manufacture of various types of cosmetics aimed at skin care, and can also be applied to hair products aimed at improving the combability, increasing the brightness and reducing frizz besides being a natural conditioning agent.

Hair Conditioning

Bio Behenic Active System comes from pracaxi oil, which has a high concentration of behenic acid, a saturated fatty acid with 22 linear chain carbons, with amphiphilic characteristics, being able to promote emollience, lipid replacement and restructuring the capillary ber an excellent giver of shine and softness to the hair.

The significant presence of behenic acid in the active Beracare BBA makes it effective in hair conditioning, improving its combability and softness. When compared to traditional conditioning agents in the same concentration, it is able to maintain an equivalent performance in the spreading, rinsing and shine attributes.

In this way, the active Bio Behenic Active System can be an important alternative to the use of traditional conditioning agents.

Skin Care

The melanin is a pigment produced and stored inside melanocytes in the melanosomal compartment and is transported via dendrites to the overlaying keratinocytes. In the skin, melanocytes are situated on the basal layer which separates dermis and epidermis. One melanocyte is surrounded by approximately 36 keratinocytes. Together, they form the so-called epidermal melanin unit.

However, altered production of cutaneous melanin may cause considerable problems of esthetic nature, especially in hyperpigmentary conditions, like melasma, postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, freckles or lentigines.

Development of actives for bleaching hyperpigmented lesions or to safely achieve overall whitening is one of the challenges for the cosmetic industry. Especially because the most used actives nowadays are synthetic and evoke many collateral effects mainly on the extracellular matrix (ECM).

Whitening actives frequently on the marked are aggressive acids and can bring the skin to a very dry and sensitive state. They also can make the epidermis lose thickness along with water and resistance due to the damage of extracellular matrix components. Skin can get very sensitive to sun exposure, dry and itchy during the treatment.

Bio Behenic Active System is a 100% natural ingredient that can provide the whitening effect, while also improving emolliency, hydration, elasticity, and resistance, thus delivering real anti-aging bene ts.