Biochemica® Jojoba Oil Deodorized

Jojoba oil is a cold pressed array of liquid non-triglyceride esters from the seeds of the desert shrub Simmondsia chinensis. This shrub is often found growing wild in the southwestern United States and arid areas throughout the world but is also commercially cultivated. Its oil is a beautiful natural golden color with slight nutty odor. Jojoba oil, a liquid wax ester, has very good effects on the skin, acting as a moisturizer and emollient agent to improve skin elasticity and suppleness. It also contains natural tocopherols to minimize oxidation and hence rancidity caused by lipid peroxidation.

Biochemica® Jojoba Oil Deo is the deodorized version of this oil, further filtered to remove the odor and color so it is better suited for use in cosmetic creams and lotions where odor and color are an issue. As a result, this product is nearly colorless and odorless and well-suited for facial care applications. Recommended use levels: lotions and creams: 2-5%; shampoos and conditioners: 3-5%; bar soaps: 3-10%.

Features & Benefits of Biochemica® Jojoba Oil Deodorized:

  • Emollient
  • Lubricant
  • Moisturizing Agent
  • Natural Product
  • Plant Derived / Vegetal Based
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      Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil