Bix’Activ® is a natural ingredient for matte and refined skin. Obtained from Bixa Orellana seeds through a nature-friendly extraction process, this product helps to decrease sebaceous gland activity, pore size, and skin imperfections while maintaining skin hydration and mattifying the skin. It can be used in mattifying creams, anti-oily skin treatments, and in night Sebo-control treatment.




The cutaneous diet for a pure and mattified skin

Oily skin is not a problem of teenagers only: 58% of women worldwide between 25 and 34 are concerned. The reason is hyperactive sebaceous glands that produce too much sebum. Clinical signs of skin oiliness include shininess, enlarged pores, and imperfections. Bix’Activ, an extract of the Red Lip Tree, helps to decrease sebum production, hyperkeratinization and inhibits the virulence of germs triggering inflammation. Skin is mattified, imperfections are visibly reduced and pores are refined. After four weeks, the skin is visibly clearer.



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        Maltodextrin (and) Bixa Orellana Seed Extract