The Beraca Buriti Oil Refined, extracted from the fruit pulp, is rich in oleic fatty acids and high concentration of carotenoids, especially vitamin A. These characteristics are beneficial for after sun treatment, moisturizing and skin elasticity.
It can be used in sunscreens, creams, and lotions for daily use, bath oil, soap, etc. Its fatty acid composition also
promotes its application in formulations for sensitive skin and for use in infants and children.
The excessive water loss through the skin favors the loss of important characteristics such as firmness and
elasticity. The use of cosmetic ingredients for moisturizing benefits can prevent this loss by two mechanisms:
forming a barrier against the evaporation surface and/or by moisturizing of the stratum corneum, the main
barrier of skin from the water contained in such formulations.
In this context, Beraca has created RAIN FOREST A3810 (ORGANIC REFINED BURITI OIL), with proven efficiency in the
preservation of skin moisturizing and decrease in transepidermal water loss.