Cameleon™️ CelluCaps are color changing microencapsulations. These cellulose-based encapsulations have a Natural Origin Index of 0.83-0.95 and are considered Naturally Derived per ISO 16128. They are free of polymethyl methacrylate, globally approved, and durable during formulation and scale up, yet break easily under fingertips upon application for dramatic and consistent color transformation. Cameleon™️ CelluCaps keep the pigments hidden within formulations, helping to maintain a bright white, clean appearance in emulsions.

From anhydrous formulas, to pressed powders, to cleansers, Cameleon™️ CelluCaps are a platform for creating innovative multifunctional products while meeting the highest purity standards and specifications of global regulations

Features & Benefits of Cameleon™️ CelluCaps

  • Increased stability in a variety of applications
  • Compatible with organic UV filters
  • No agglomeration as with naked pigments
  • Suitable for cold and hot process
  • Easy dispersion and incorporation – adding to the bulk at the last step
  • Derived natural ingredients according to ISO 16128-2 standard
  • Globally compliant including China, preservative-free, non-GMO, and is BSE, Halal, and vegan complient

Available Products

  • Cameleon CelluYellow
  • Cameleon CelluRed
  • Cameleon CelluBlack
  • Cameleon CelluWhite
  • Cameleon CelluBrown
  • Cameleon CelluGreen
  • Cameleon CelluBlue
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