CameleonCaps are globally approved encapsulated pigments and are durable during formulation and scale up. CameleonCaps™ break easily beneath fingertips upon application for dramatic and consistent colour transformation. They keep the pigments hidden within formulations, maintaining a bright white, clean appearance in emulsions, and a transparent visual in water gels. 

Once applied, they can be a visual marker to show a fresh active material release. They can be used in hydrous and anhydrous formulations and cold process to hot pour production.

Features & Benefits of CameleonCaps

  • Maintain white mass tone or transparency of formulations
  • Fast and intense colour release upon applications
  • Impart a natural colour on the skin
  • Outstanding silky sensorial effect
  • Compatible with organic UV filters
  • Enable development of dark shades with optimal coverage
  • Withstand manufacturing processes e.g. mixing and pumping stress associated with the transfer and filling of finished products


  • Color Cosmetics
  • Skin Care
  • Sun Care

Formulation Tips for CameleonCaps

  • CameleonCaps are gradually added at the last stage of formulation preparation, using a simple paddle/anchor type mixer at 70-300 rpm.
  • Do not apply shear forces otherwise there is risk of breaking the capsules.
  • Incorporation should be done at temperature up to 40°C.
  • They can be used in hot pour process during the cooling stage and can resist high temperature of 80°C – 90°C for a short period of time.
  • Formulations should not contain more than 20% of glycols and alcohols in total.

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