Cetiol PGL is amedium spreading emollient which has good balancing sensory properties for all modern cosmetic applications. It is an almost colorless oil with a weak inherent odor, and a spreading value of 700-800 mm^2/10 min. Cetiol PGL has a viscosity (20°C) of 25-35 mPas, a cloud point of < -10°C, and a refractive index (20°C) of 1.4500-1.4540. Cetiol PGL is an innovative emollient which meets a broad range of sensorial requirements. The partially esterified Guerbet alcohol of vegetable origin with a medium spreading value is a suitable emollient for sophisticated skin care products.With its performance profile Cetiol PGL imparts a subjectively balanced skin care experience, thus being a tailor-made solution for specific sensorial requirements of cosmetic skin care concepts.




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