Cetiol® SoftFeel is the newest soft-solid emollient, made from 100% renewable ingredients and is 100% natural according to ISO 16128*. The versatile soft-solid emollient can help to create unique textures in a variety of beauty and personal care applications.

Read the Salon Professional Brochure from BASF

Cetiol® SoftFeel can also act as a sustainable petrolatum alternative as the ingredients have very similar sensory properties, but Cetiol® SoftFeel goes onto the skin more solid than petrolatum, and becomes easy to distribute as it liquefies more readily. The transition from solid-like to liquid-like happens at skin temperature of 31° C, unlike petrolatum which keeps solid-like properties throughout all observed temperature ranges with a gradual reduction in viscosity with rising temperatures.

Cetiol® SoftFeel is comprised of glycerol, sebacic acid and fatty acids. Sebacic acid is made from castor oil which comes from the castor plant, indigenous to the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa and India; the majority comes from India. Castor plants require hot and dry climates and can grow anywhere between 7 to 43 feet tall. Cetiol® SoftFeel is the next product in line to join the Community & Sustainability Initiative to prevent child labor, enhance the working conditions payment, and benefits of workers, and increase access to PPE, health care and education on best farming practices to prevent further environmental risks and community devastation.

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