CoChem SCS is an economical creme rinse and hair conditioner concentrate specially formulated to produce rich, high viscosity hair conditioning products. Comprised of an optimized blend of opacifying, emulsifying and conditioning agents, CoChem SCS readily disperses in hot water to form attractive finished products, even at low use levels.

Hair conditioners prepared from CoChem SCS demonstrate a natural affinity for fibrous protein and thus form a protective coating on the cuticle of the hair. This protective coating reduces hair tangling while enhancing wet combing properties and overall manageability, including static control. The emollient materials in CoChem SCS contribute to sheen and softness, helping to deliver a natural, healthy look and feel.

Since CoChem SCS is a complete hair conditioner concentrate, effective hair care products can be simply prepared from it: add water and colorants, heat to 75-80°C, cool, and add fragrance and preservative. Specialized performance can be readily incorporated into a CoChemSCS-based product, as the emulsion readily accommodates typically employed levels of silicone emulsions, botanical extracts, vitamins and many other additives.

Recommended Use Level

CoChem SCS forms stable, elegant and effective crème rinses and conditioners at between 3.5 and 7% of the finished product composition. A level of 5% is most commonly employed. When ingredients of high ionic strength are utilized (e.g., protein hydrolyzates, acidic buffers, salts), they are best added during the cooling cycle, after the batch is below 40°C. If very large amounts are incorporated, a higher level of CoChemSCS may be required to ensure emulsion stability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Hair Cuticle Protection
  • Hair Detangling Agent
  • Shine-Enhancing Agent
  • Static Control Agent
  • Wet Combing Enhancement
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